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Pintola WoodPressed Groundnut/Peanut Oil - 100% Pure and Chemical-Free (1000 ml)

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Pintola Wood-pressed Groundnut Oil is extracted using groundnuts sourced from Saurashtra, Gujarat, practising 5000 years old traditional wood-pressing methods. The oil is extracted at room temperature (under 30°C), by crushing the groundnuts using wooden churns and pressing them to obtain the purest form of oil.

Pintola Wood-pressed Groundnut Oil stands out due to its single-pressed nature and undergoes a single filtration process allowing natural fibre sedimentation. Extracted at room temperature, Pintola Wood Pressed oil retains maximum nutrients compared to refined oils extracted at high temperatures (200°C). Unlike refined oils, Pintola Wood Pressed oil is completely free from additives, preservatives, and chemicals, preserving the natural goodness and nutritional value of groundnuts.

Pintola Wood-pressed Groundnut Oil is known for its rich flavour, aroma, and distinctive nutty taste. It can be used for various culinary purposes, including cooking, frying, sautéing, and as a dressing for salads and dips.

With its natural and unrefined characteristics, Pintola Wood-pressed Groundnut Oil offers a healthier alternative for cooking and adds a unique flavour to your dishes.