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Certified Organic Peanuts

We pick the best quality organic peanuts from organic farms certified by USDA Organic, SGS Organic, India Organic and Jaivik Bharat. Peanuts are checked for moisture and aflatoxin content

Sorting & Grading of Peanuts

Only uniform big size nutritious peanuts are selected and handpicked. Small size peanuts and other dirt particles are rejected and removed

Continuous Roasting

Handpicked peanuts are then roasted according to batch size. Proper process control is followed to get identical roasting of every peanut. Roasted peanuts are cooled down & blanched. 100% batch inspection is done to assure that Pintola’s customers get the top quality products.


Over-roasted peanuts are rejected under quality control process


Grinding of the roasted peanuts is done with USA imported stainless steel machinery to make ultra smooth paste

Filling The Goodness In Pintola Jars

Freshly made Pintola All Natural Organic Peanut Butter is filled in the jars & packed to get shipped it to you.

Lab Testing

Every Batch is tested before dispatch so Pintola’s customers get 100% quality assured product.

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