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Peanut Butter

Hey there, nut butter enthusiasts! Say hello to Pintola – your go-to hub for some seriously awesome peanut butter creations. We've got a whole bunch of flavors and sizes to rock your taste buds. Smooth, chunky, you name it – we've got your back.

Guess what? We're the big shots when it comes to nut butters in India. Yep, you heard it right. Our All Natural Peanut Butter is like the rockstar of spreads – it's the top-selling champ all over the country. Our fans adore us for keeping it real – no artificial stuff, just pure nutty goodness.

Speaking of goodness, our Peanut Butter isn't just tasty, it's a high-protein powerhouse. So, you're not just treating your taste buds, you're giving your bod a boost too. Our tribe of nut butter fanatics keeps growing 'cause folks know we're all about quality and taste.

So, dive into the world of Pintola and get ready for a nutty adventure. Grab your jar of happiness and join the Peanut Butter party that's sweeping India by storm. Get ready to spread the love, one scoop at a time!

All Natural Peanut Butter from Rs. 166 Rs. 175
Classic Peanut Butter from Rs. 152 Rs. 160